CheckSharp is a development tool for checking C# code against coding guidelines. CheckSharp is realized as an Nant task to automate checking of source code for one file or a couple of projects.

CheckSharp is inspired by CheckStyle. For working in development teams it's inevitable to adhere to common coding guidlines to keep the code of one developer readable by another team member. While FxCop does a perfect job to check assemblies for design flaws, there is no free or open source tool in the .Net world to check code against coding guidlines. The target of the CheckSharp project is to create a first class code checking tool for C# similar to CheckStyle.


Nant integration

Checksharp integrates in nant build scripts, to ease automated code checking.

Included Checks

CheckSharp is shipped (in version 0.2.1) with 20 checks. See the check references to get an overview of checks available out of the box.

In case you need a custom check implementation "Implementing Custom Checks" tutorial describes in detail how to implement a check.

Integrated Parser

CheckSharp relies on the C# code parser from NRefactory shipped with SharpDevelop. This allows to implement exact and reliable code checks.


Section getting started explains who to get CheckSharp up and running.